Waste management

We offer the complete service of waste management in accordance with your needs, in the manner that suits you best, in the way that does not affect or harm people’s health and the environment.

Through the cooperation with our clients we influence prevention of waste production in the production process, as well as reusing and recycling of waste and we help in the process of selection and separation of secondary raw materials from the waste.

We have the possibility to offer you the service of collecting and managing hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The service of collecting and managing hazardous and non-hazardous waste includes:

  1. Management / collecting of hazardouswaste by ADR transportation and ultimate disposal
  2. Management / collecting of non-hazardous waste with transportation and ultimate disposal
  3. Preparation of all necessary documentation concerning the waste movement as well as the correspondence with competent Ministry department.
  4. Mediation in receiving the analysis after examination of hazardous waste (characterization of waste).
  5. Providing the necessary packaging for collecting hazardouswaste
  6. Support in reporting to the Environment Protection Agency

The Law on waste management with its legal by-laws regulates the area of waste management. According to the Law on waste management hazardouswaste must be classified according to origin, characteristics and its structure that make it hazardous .The owner of waste, or the waste operator,is obliged to classify waste in thepredefined way, in accordance with this law. In order to determine the structure and hazardouscharacteristics of waste, the owner of waste, or the waste operator, is obliged to examine hazardouswaste as well as the waste which can be hazardousaccording to its origin, structure or characteristics.

Examination of waste is performed by professional organizations and other legal entities authorized for sampling andwaste characterization according to scope of examination which are accredited for, according to the law.

Characterization of waste is performed only for hazardouswaste and for waste which can be hazardous waste according to its origin, structure or characteristics.
Every manufacturer of waste has the responsibility for waste management which includes certain obligations. Manufacturer of waste is obliged to make a plan for waste management and organize its conducting, if it produces more than 100 tones of non-hazardous waste or more than 200 kilograms of hazardouswaste annually.

He is also obliged to obtain a report on waste examination and renew it in case of technology change, change of material origin, other activities which could affect the character of waste and to keep the report at least five years or to obtain appropriate certificate of exemption of the obligation by obtaining a license according to this law.

Waste manufacturer is obliged to obtain the application of hierarchy principles in waste management, to collect waste separately according to needs of the future treatment as well as to store waste in a way that minimally affects people’s health or environment.

Waste manufacturer is obliged to deliver waste to an authorized operator for waste management, if he has not got possibilities to organize waste management according to the Law on waste management, as well as to keep records about the produced waste, delivered or stored waste and to determine a person responsible for waste management and to enable a competent inspector control of the locations, objects, facilities and documentation.

The owner of waste or its manufacturer is responsible for all the costs of waste management. The ownership of the waste stops when the next owner takes the waste and receives a Document on waste movement, according to this law. The costs of disposal are paid by the owner who directly delivers waste to waste collector or to waste management company and/or the previous owner or manufacturer of products that the waste comes from.