Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste is waste that by its origin, composition or concentration of hazardous substances may cause danger to the environment and human health and at least have one of the hazardous characteristics regulated by law that make it dangerous, including the packaging in which Hazardous waste hazardous waste was or it is packed.

The large amount of waste coming from industries such as the chemical industry, the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment, the production of batteries and accumulators, production color, electrolysis, textiles, pharmaceuticals, plastics, leather industry. Hazardous waste is also generated in stores, households, health industry, agriculture and elsewhere.

With hazardous waste must be managed in a way that provides the least risk to endangering to life, health and environmental protection, with control and mitigation measures:

  • water pollution, air and soil ;
  • danger to wildlife;
  • the risk of the formation of an accident, explosion or fire;
  • negative impacts on the landscape and natural resources of special value;
  • the level of noise and odors.

The hazardous waste includes waste used oil, contaminated packaging, oily patches, waste batteries, waste paint, exhaust filters, oily water and many others.

Download and transportation of hazardous waste

Person who makes waste collection , or transport of the waste collected from the manufacturer or owner of waste and transport it to waste management facilities or to the collection, storage, transfer stations or facilities for treatment or disposal.

Download of hazardous waste from the producer or owner of waste means the collection and packaging in suitable containers which prevent leakage or wastage waste and its transport to the recipient of waste, to waste management facilities, and to the collection, storage, transfer stations or facilities for treatment or disposal.

Waste collectionis the systematic activity of collecting, sorting and / or mixing of waste for transport. This activity can be done at the very beginning of waste, or it can be executed with the aim of carrying out the transport. Collection of hazardous waste has to be performed by an authorized operator who has a license for the collection of hazardous waste issued by the competent authority.

Transportation of hazardous waste is the transport of waste outside the plant, which includes loading, transport (as well as reloading) and unloading waste, and these can be addressed only by a person holding a license for the transport of hazardous waste issued by the competent authority.

The waste is transported in a closed vehicle, container or other appropriate manner in order to prevent wastage or spill of waste during transportation, loading or unloading, and to prevent the pollution of air, water, land and environment.

Transportation of hazardous waste can be performed only by ADR equipped vehicles and certified vehicles (tank) operated by drivers with a certificate of competency for transport of dangerous goods - ADR. The movement of hazardous waste is always accompanied by Document on waste movement that fills the manufacturer or the owner and anyone who takes hazardous waste. The producer or the owner of hazardous waste is required to permanently keep a copy of the document certifying that the movement of waste is completed with a signature and seal of the recipient of waste.

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transport-opasnog-otpada-ADR vozilima
transport-opasnog-otpada-ADR vozilima

The license for hazardous waste management

The license for the waste management is the Competent Authority to which legal or natural persons is approved of collection, transport, import, export and transit, storage, treatment or disposal of waste and sets out the conditions of waste management in a way that provides the least risk to health and the environment.

According to the Law on Waste Management, hazardous waste can not be managed by a person who does not have the appropriate license.

To perform more activities one operator, may be issued one integrated waste management licenses. .

Higia llc has Integrated permission to collect and transport non-hazardous and hazardous waste on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and are able to perform the download of hazardous waste in accordance with Your needs .