Environment protection

Include your name inthe list of responsible economic subjects that care for the environment. Coordinate your business with ever more complex challenges imposed by domestic and foreign rivals as well as the legal regulations of the European Union and the Republic of Serbia.

The environment protection policy of successful and ecologically responsible companies is based on the generally accepted and recognizedprinciples which are relevant in the process of the waste management planning:

  • Prevention principle
  • Precaution principle
  • ″Pollutant pays″ principle
  • Proximity principle and regional approach to waste management
  • Waste management hierarchy

Applying all the above mentioned principles in the environment protection and waste management, you can also gain economic and financial profit which is manifested in reduction of costs of storage, handling, transport, treatment and final disposal of waste materials.

Every single day more and more companies realize that there is a great number of advantages which come out as a result of ecologically responsible business activities. Some of those advantages are reducing the costs, waste that can be a source of income and competitive advantage, as more and more clients rather choose to cooperate and do business with companies that care for the environment. By emphasizing that your company is an ecologically responsible company you will attract new clients and new markets may open for you.

In the companies that have turned its business activities towards ecological business, the interest and motivation of the employees is higher and it influences and increases their awareness of the importance of that kind of business activity because it brings income and makes profit for the company and it leads to therecognition of the company as the environment-friendly one.