Consulting services

Developing Waste Management Plan includes:

  1. Preparation of a Waste Management Plan in accordance with Article 15 of the Law on Waste Management
  2. Suggestion on how to implement the Waste Management Plan
  3. Updating the Plan during the first year
  4. Classification and waste separation
  5. Creating examples of daily records
  6. Making examples of annual reports according to the Rule Book
  7. Coordinating entrusted segment of business with the procedures that meet quality standards, environmental protection and others
  8. Coordinating waste management with the procedures which are regulated by the act on health and safety at work
  9. Training of the client’s employees for waste management , consisting of three levels of training (level of waste production, level of direction and management level)
  10. Consultation regarding the in the selection of service provider in the segment of waste management
  11. Developing procedures for monitoring the waste flow with documentation examples
  12. Proposing measures for waste reduction or better usage of waste
  13. Presence of a consultant on every announced inspection supervision

The entrusted task of performing business activities as a responsible person for waste management includes:

  1. Control of all regulated and agreed upon activities concerning waste management
  2. Control of preparing and obtaining the proper documentation and accurate reports, timely management and reporting
  3. Following waste movements and providing legal actions with the client’s best interest
  4. Coordination with the manager for quality and ecology or with a person whom the above mentioned duties are delegated to, as well as coordinating this business segment with the segment of health and safety at work
  5. Consulting in preparation and development of plan documents in accordance with laws and regulations which refer to this area
  6. Presence of a consultant at the client’s request
  7. Consulting via telephone according to the client’s needs
  8. Presence during the announced inspection at the client’s request
  9. Disposal of waste materials at the client’s request

Entrusted task of advisor for chemicals includes:

  1. Monitoring legislation and informing the client of the change in the regulations which refer to him and regular informing on legal obligations and possible changes concerning chemical and biocide treatment
  2. Control of all regulated and agreed upon activities in accordance with the Law on chemicals
  3. Creating records of chemicals
  4. Control and correction of necessary documentation
  5. Filling in the application for registration and registration of chemicals in the chemicals registry
  6. Development, preparation and coordination of all safety sheets (including translation of up to 5 not translated sheets annually) in accordance with the Law on chemicals and determining the obligation of providing safety sheets to the clients
  7. Preparation of the content for the labels of all hazardous chemicals and biocidal products according with the Law on chemicals and Law on biocides and control and correction of the existing labels
  8. Maintaining all necessary records and evidences and storing the evidence at the client’s request
  9. Control of the entire existing documentation, necessary when importing, storing and chemical and biocide trading according with the Law on chemicals
  10. Control of regulated storage of chemicals
  11. Providing professional assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses for the import of chemicals and conducting all legal procedures
  12. Telephone consultations according to the client’s needs
  13. Representing the client in front of the chemical and biocide inspection
  14. Cooperation and communication with the Ministry department
  15. Communication by e-mail or phonewith persons responsible for handling chemicals and biocides at client’s business partners according to client’s legal obligations
  16. Periodical (once or twice a year ) professional training of client’s employees in safe workingwith chemicals and training for unannounced and sudden inspection visits and inquiry and requests of clients
  17. Application of regulations which refer to classification, packaging, labeling and advertising of chemicals
  18. Application of limitations, restrictions and prohibitions that apply to chemicals that represent unacceptable risk for the people’s health and environment
  19. Consulting in dealing with chemicals in case of sudden and unannounced inquiries
  20. Other activities as requested by the client from the domain of application of the Law on Chemicals