Upravljanje otpadom

Waste management

We offer you a complete package of services which include adequate disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste produced in work process including collecting, transportation by ADR vehicles and the final disposal in an environmental - friendly way with the application of the best available techniques.

Upravljanje opasnim otpadom

Hazardous waste management

Higia Ltd. Integrated has permission to collect and transport non-hazardous and hazardous waste on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and are able to perform the download of hazardous waste in accordance with your needs. We manage hazardous waste in a way that provides the least risk to endangering the life and health of people and the environment.

Konsultantske usluge

Consulting services

We offer solutions for waste management best suited for your demands and needs:

  • Consulting services in the area of waste management making waste management plans, obtaining all necessary licenses, waste analysis, writing waste reports, training of the employees for waste management, providing all other documentation and administration services and communication with the competent Ministry department
  • Chemical management as well as preparing all the necessary documentation
  • The affairs of the advisor for chemicals and training for the safe operation with chemicals
Zaštita životne sredine

Environmental protection

Through cooperation with our clients, our aim is to leave clean environment for future generations. We constantly strive to improve the system of waste management of our clients with the emphasis on reusing and recycling waste that they produce during the process of their work, which represents the growing potential for reduction of greenhouse gas emission through preservation of raw materials and reduction of fossil fuel consumption. We perform our business activity in compliance to corresponding laws, regulations and other demands concerning the protection of the environment. We are constantly training our employees to act preventively and constantly work on improving the protection of environment.